Bowtie Master

Share a diagram

Bowtie diagrams are wonderful means of making risks more understandable. It is therefore essential that the bowtie diagrams you create can be easily shared across your organisation. Bowtie Master makes sharing bowties very straightforward. A newly created bowtie can be shared in three ways.

  1. As a high-quality diagram that can be downloaded
  2. As a live link that can be accessed via any web browser
  3. By inviting users into Bowtie Master to view and edit the diagram created

High quality download

Go to the Diagram. Click DOWNLOAD button in the toolbar. The diagram will be downloaded in a png file.

Share diagram via live link

In the Bowtie Diagram, select Share Link. Click Update Share Link Image. Click Copy Link, Close screen. 

Paste the copied link on an email or embed onto any web site or SharePoint to access the bowtie diagram created.

The link copied is live as such any changes made to the bowtie diagram in Bowtie Master will update the link.


Invite users to collaborate

Step 1: In the User Menu add new users by clicking on the + USER button.

Step 2: Complete the required fields and choose the user’s role from the drop-down menu and click SAVE. 
Viewers can only see published diagrams, Administrators can build, amend and delete bowtie diagrams.