Customise the view

You can change the way in which you view the bowtie diagram in multiple ways. This is useful to focus the viewers’ attention onto certain components of the diagram or when dealing with a large, complex diagram that requires focus on a particular detail. 

Holding down the Shift key + Right side of the mouse allows users to move the diagram across the diagram editor

Zoom buttons (+ and -) found on the toolbar (top right-corner of the diagram editor) allows you to decrease or increase the size of the image. 

Change customise view on bowtie master

The 1 – 4 scale found on the bottom-right corner of the diagram editor allows users to toggle between different views, where 1, presents threats and consequences. 2, adds on barriers. 3, adds on degradation factors and 4, adds on degradation factor barriers. 

Change customise view on bowtie master

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