Free Excel and PPT Bowtie Diagram Template

We have created a free bowtie diagram template with a handy cheat sheet to get you started on your first bowtie diagram! Download a free Excel Bowtie Diagram Template here. Download a free PowerPoint Bowtie Diagram Template here. The cheat sheet outlines the seven steps required to build a bowtie diagram and provides a list of questions to keep you on track. To get started on your first bowtie diagram using Bowtie Master have a look at our build your first bowtie diagram how-to guide! For more resources on bowtie diagram head to our Salus Technical Resource page.

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New Website Launched!

We have launched a new website (you are here right now) that lets users start a free 14 day trial, view a demo, book a demo, and access a range of help documentation. We want to build the best bowtie diagram software out there, and provide exceptional personal support and training for novice users. You can talk to us directly. If you have any comments or questions about the site or Bowtie Master, then please contact us on

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