Bowtie Master

Ready, Set, Action!

Assign Actions in Bowtie Master

Bowtie diagrams offer a clear picture of the barriers in place to prevent an incident or mitigate its consequences. But what happens if you discover your barriers aren’t as effective as you thought? What if you decide it’s time to make changes to your risk management strategy?

Introducing Actions! Bowtie Master’s new actions feature allows you to determine where to prioritise your risk management efforts by adding a sticky note to the elements you think need improving. Keep reading to discover more benefits of actions and how to use them.

Why use actions?

Almost all major incidents can be traced back to failed barriers. It’s imperative to take action and begin managing your barriers once you discover an issue with their performance. Streamline your barrier management strategy by using actions in Bowtie Master to clearly identify where your efforts should be focused.

Actions are easily identified by the yellow sticky note tacked onto the element they belong to. Is your action time sensitive? Select a date for when each action needs to be completed by. Help keep actions organised and order them chronologically for maximum efficiency.

Everyone loves the satisfaction of checking something off your to-do list. We’ve added a box to tick off when you’ve successfully completed your action. Archive your action when completed so you can shift your priorities to the next task.

Bowtie Master tip: Ensure accountability by combining an action with barrier owner metadata! If a barrier is assigned to the Health and Safety Manager and is then tagged with an action, the Health and Safety Manager can assume that it is their responsibility to follow up with any actions that need to be taken.

Getting started

Begin using Actions in Bowtie Master by double-clicking on a barrier, threat or consequence while in your diagram. Click the ‘Actions’ button at the top right of the popup and click ‘add’ to create one or multiple actions. Once the description and date are filled in, your action will be populated in the table and on your element.

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