Bowtie Master

Risk Assessment Software for Rail & Transport

Contribute to the development of a safer railway and transport network by understanding and managing railway hazards from events including collisions, derailments and trespass.

Identify and manage railway hazards

Bowtie diagrams can be used to identify hazards and risks in railway projects and daily operations.

Support knowledge sharing

The visual tool easily communicates railway safety hazards and the controls in place to prevent accidents.

Stay on track

Bowtie Master can assist with the railway risk management process by monitoring the controls that require prioritisation.

Communication is key

Build and share diagrams that effectively communicate every element of your aviation risk assessment, from threats and barriers, to consequences and escalation factors.

Crystal clear display

Use full screen mode and select from our comprehensive custom display options to optimise your view of bowtie diagrams.

Customise your diagrams

Tailor your Bowtie Master experience to your business: customise the language, terminology and metadata, as well as show and hide elements.

Share a snapshot

Complex operations with fast-changing conditions? Need to keep your team updated on a regular basis? Download a bowtie diagram as an image, activate its share link or embed a live image onto a website or SharePoint.

Easily build bowtie diagrams

Bowtie Master allows you to quickly and easily build bowtie diagrams that help you – and your team – to understand your risk from major incidents. What’s more, you can get started building your bowtie diagrams with minimal training.

Straightforward and intuitive

No technical skills? No problem. Point and click. Drag and drop. No technical skills required to build. It couldn’t be easier to build, customise and communicate your bowtie diagrams.

Access from anywhere

Bowtie Master is cloud-based and is accessed from your web browser. So there’s no installation required, and you can access from anywhere.

Inclusive features

Access to a Bowtie Master account is inclusive of all the features and functionality of the application. So you don't have to pay for separate add-ons.

Fantastic training tool

Personnel can quickly visualise complex risks and understand the risks at their site.

Clearly display the role each barrier plays​

Contributes to full visibility of barriers and their role in risk management.

Great for remote learning

Bowtie Master is cloud-based and accessed from your web browser. That means you can access the software from anywhere, without the need for specialist installation.

Customise language

Bowtie Master defaults to the language set in your web browser.

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