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Day in the Life with Andrea

We recently sat down with Andrea Ferdinands, a Process Safety Engineer at Salus Technical, to find out a bit more about what her role involves, where it sits within the team and what she likes most about it.

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What does a normal workday look like for you?

A normal work day starts with checking emails and getting started on my to-do list, which has a mixture of tasks, from social posts for Salus to Engineering consultancy work. We are currently working on about 10 jobs, all at different stages. The team checks in with each other daily so we know what needs to be done, priorities and deadlines, and who is working on what.

What is your job title and responsibilities?

Process safety engineer, I support Salus on the Engineering consultancy front, at the moment I am mainly working on tech safety support for the Dogger Bank wind farm.

What talents or skills must someone who does your job certainly have?

The ability to multi task, manage their time to meet strict deadlines. When people are relying on you, getting them the information they need is critical.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the variety, one day I could be writing a safety case for an oil and gas operator, the next I could be working on a HAZID report for the worlds biggest windfarm!

“If you had an unnecessary superpower, what would it be?”

The ability to make the calories in cakes and chocolate disappear 🤣