Bowtie Master

Use Metadata to Highlight Details on Barriers

Use Metadata to visualise the critical role of barriers in managing risk with the powerful metadata feature in Bowtie Master.

Metadata can be used to convey information about different types of barriers, their components, and their responsible parties. Initially, the diagram lacks information about the preventive and mitigative barriers. To add information, use metadata to give context to the barriers.

Metadata can become overwhelming and confusing when all the types are turned on. Use analyse mode to focus on specific types of metadata. Analyse mode allows users to select one type of metadata and see how it applies to the entire diagram.

Metadata is important in showcasing barriers correctly and ensuring their effectiveness in preventing accidents.

Metadata helps convey essential information about different types of barriers and their components, making it easier to understand the diagram.

Analyse mode is also a helpful tool for breaking down complex diagrams and focusing on specific types of metadata.

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Add new metadata types at a bowtie diagram level