Bowtie Master

Bowtie Master’s most anticipated update yet

Bowtie Master is continually evolving to meet our customers’ needs. Usually this means adding new features, but in this case, it involves taking away our most clicked button ever. Keep reading to find out more about this big change and what else we’ve been busy with.

Introducing Autosave!

You asked, we answered. Bowtie Master now has Autosave. No more losing precious minutes or even hours of your time to an unsaved bowtie diagram. Autosave will enable you to create and edit bowtie diagrams without worrying if your content has been saved. Pick up where you left off during your last session, whether it be tomorrow or next week. This also means that you can work simultaneously on bowtie diagrams with your team, for a maximum amount of collaboration.

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Bowtie Master keeps getting faster. We’ve ramped up our site’s response time to ensure you can work on your bowtie diagrams at lightning speed. We’ve made loads of small updates that add up to an overall smoother user experience.  

And, we decided that it’s only right to match our new features with a new look. We’ve made some design updates to our software, but don’t worry, the function is still the same!

Along with our new look, we have a new website packed with resources. Our new site is your one-stop-shop for all things Bowtie Master and bowtie diagrams in general.