Bowtie Master

Understand the bigger picture of your risk management with our new Dashboard

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched several new features that will help boost your Bowtie Master experience. Keep reading to find out what these new features are and how you can incorporate them into your bowtie diagram building.

  1. Dashboard

Understand the bigger picture of your risk management by analysing data across all bowtie diagrams. Filter your barriers, metadata, risk matrices, and more to compare and contrast your risk management efforts and condense them into useful pie charts.

  1. Risk Matrix

We’ve given our risk matrix section a total makeover. We’ll admit that our old risk matrix needed some work. That’s why we’ve simplified it and improved drag and drop functions, colour coding and labels – and they’re all in one place.

  1. Added Security Features

You can now make Single Sign-on (SSO) the default for your organisation, eliminating the need for a password and further securing your account. Once SSO is enforced for your organisation, users will be logged out of their account and prompted to log back in via SSO. 

Ready to enforce SSO across your organisation? Get in touch at 

  1. Barrier Syncing

The same barriers are often used to prevent or mitigate different consequences. Rather than manually adding metadata, Bowtie Master allows you to sync all barriers with the same name.

And now you can sync barriers across all bowtie diagrams with the same metadata. Put someone in charge of a barrier, update barrier health and more, with just one button.

  1. Site Navigation and Bug Fixes

We haven’t forgotten about the little things. Bowtie Master is now easier to navigate, more consistent and responds quicker. Here’s just a few of these improvements:

  • Search across diagrams: rather than combing through a list of your bowtie diagrams, simply search keywords from your desired bowtie using the search bar at the top.
  • Back button: pushing the back button while in your bowtie diagram no longer makes you jump back to the root folder. Instead, return directly to the sub folder you were just in.
  • Save and cancel buttons: no need to search your whole screen to save or cancel. These buttons remain in the same location in all settings. Or, simply click anywhere outside of the box to exit your current pop-up.
We’re continually improving Bowtie Master. Do you have feedback for us, or a question about one of our new features? Book a call.

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