Bowtie Master

Create Drop Down Metadata Lists

Metadata gives more information and context to the bowtie diagram viewer. Bowtie Master allows you to add customisable data which is relevant to your company or industry. From the example, metadata could include Barrier Type, Barrier Condition and the Performance Standard.

The possibilities for customising your metadata are endless. You can create a drop down list for quick selection, or free text to add even more detail. You can also add hyperlinks which allow you to link to external documents, websites and more to support the metadata you’ve chosen.

Customise metadata drop down list

Barrier Condition

Pictured above is a type of metadata called ‘barrier condition’, often referred to as ‘barrier health’. Barrier condition allows us to visualise the effectiveness of our barriers, meaning how likely they are to stop an incident entirely. For example, if a barrier to preventing a car accident is ‘brakes’, you may choose to select ‘partially effective’ if you’re in need of new brake pads. Here are a list of drop down options for barrier condition:

  • Deactivated – this barrier is not currently in place
  • No Data – the condition of the barrier is uncertain
  • Not Effective – the barrier is entirely ineffective at preventing an incident
  • Partially Effective – the barrier is somewhat to mostly effective at preventing an incident
  • Effective – great job! The barrier is in full health

Each option has its own colour relating to its effectiveness, for an even clearer picture of which barrier are effective and which ones you should focus your attention on updating. 

Add and edit your Bowtie Master metadata