Bowtie Master

Check out the Latest Features

Check out the latest features that aim to streamline the way you build and maintain bowtie diagrams on Bowtie Master.

Save as a template

This feature allows you to save a diagram for a specific hazard as a template. This template can be used by multiple users when risk assessing the same hazard for a similar operation – all they need to do is ensure the threats, consequences, barriers and metadata are valid for their operation. Not only does this save time, but it will also standardise the bowtie diagram terminology and approach used across your operations.

Drag and drop

The existing drag and drop functionality when adding elements to a diagram is already easy and intuitive, but we knew we could improve this even further. Users can now add sub-elements (i.e., barriers or escalation factors) to the parent elements (i.e threats or barriers) by clicking the Tab Key. Additionally, the Clone Element feature allows you to copy and paste all the details of reoccurring barriers, making the process of building bowties even quicker.

Customise projects and diagrams display

This feature makes it easy to organise your projects and diagrams, so even when you have a large number of these, you can easily locate your current project. Saving you the hassle of scrolling through all the diagrams you have ever built on Bowtie Master!

Metadata visibility feature

Pick up where you left off with the new Metadata Visibility Feature. As soon as you open a diagram, it will display data from when you last saved!

Risk assessment matrix

The risk assessment matrix has been enhanced too. We have included a default matrix in the event your company doesn’t have a standardised matrix. If it does, you can customise the default matrix to suit your needs.

Lastly, we have improved the time taken to save diagrams, bringing this down to a fraction of a second! (Please note this will be dependent on the size of your diagram!)

Have a look at our How-to guides for resources on how to use Bowtie Master features.