Build your first bowtie diagram

Building your first bowtie diagram could not be easier with the intuitive nature of Bowtie Master. Simply follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Log into the Bowtie Master application via any web browser.

Haven’t received log in details? Request log in details. 

login page

Step 2: Head to the Project Menu, click on + PROJECT button and enter a project name and click SAVE.

project creation

Step 3: Click on the new project created (this will be displayed in the project list) and then click on + NEW DIAGRAM and enter a new diagram name, click CREATE.

new project diagram

Step 4: The new diagram created will be displayed in the diagram list, click on the new diagram to open the Diagram Editor.

Diagram editor in working folder

Step 5: Drag and drop the elements on the left-hand side of the Diagram Editor into the centre of the editor to create the components of your bowtie diagram (start with ‘New Threat’ and ‘New Consequence’ and then add ‘New Barrier’ and ‘New Degradation Factor’ on to the relevant threat and consequence threads).

Note: You can customise the terminology of each of these elements

add new elements in bowtie master

Step 6: To edit an elements content, double click on the element and type in the required text.  For guidance on completing the elements that make up a bowtie diagram refer to our Bowtie Methodology Cheat Sheet.

how to delete a node on bowtie master

Once you get started if you need to pan across the diagram editor, hold down the left click of your mouse and the shift key. 

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