Save a bowtie diagram as a template

The save as template feature allows users to save a bowtie diagram created in Bowtie Master as a template. Allowing other Bowtie Master users in the same organisation to use the template as a starting point when creating their own diagram. This guide provides guidance on how to create and access a template.

Step 1: Once a diagram is created it can be saved as a template, head to the toolbar panel within the Diagram Editor and click on the Save as Template button.

Bowtie diagram template

Step 2: Give the template a name and click CREATE. If you wish for the template to be used as the master template, click on the Master checkbox.

Save as a template Bowtie Master

Once the template has been created it can be accessed by others users with access to the organisations Bowtie Master account. Learn how to add a new user here.

Step 3: The template created can be accessed when creating a new diagram. Head to the Project Menu, click on + NEW DIAGRAM and enter a new diagram name, in the Template drop down menu select the template you wish to use, then click CREATE.

Howtoguides Templates 3

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