Bowtie Master

Save a bowtie diagram as a template

The save as template feature allows users to save a bowtie diagram created in Bowtie Master as a template. Allowing other Bowtie Master users in the same organisation to use the template as a starting point when creating their own diagram. This guide provides guidance on how to create and access a template.

Step 1: Once a diagram is created it can be saved as a template, head to the toolbar panel within the Diagram Editor and click on the Save as Template button.

Step 2: Give the template a name and click CREATE. If you wish for the template to be used as the master template, click on the Master checkbox.

Once the template has been created it can be accessed by others users with access to the organisations Bowtie Master account. Learn how to add a new user here.

Step 3: The template created can be accessed when creating a new diagram. Head to the Project Menu, click on + NEW DIAGRAM and enter a new diagram name, in the Template drop down menu select the template you wish to use, then click CREATE.