Bowtie Master

Excel import/export

Bowtie Master provides users with the ability to easily import and export the details that make up a bowtie diagram. The import feature allows users to easily incorporate their existing bowtie diagrams into the Bowtie Master software. The export feature allows user to export data in the form of an Excel workbook which could be used for reporting and data analytics.

Import bowtie diagram data

Prior to importing data into Bowtie Master an excel spreadsheet template must be populated with the details that make up the diagram.

Step 1: To obtain a copy of the Excel spreadsheet template head to the main Project Menu and create a new project or choose a project in which the imported diagram will reside.

Step 2:  Click on IMPORT and then click on DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE this will download an Excel workbook file.

Step 3: Open up the Excel workbook downloaded. Click into the Diagram Elements tab of the workbook. Each element will have its own row where the following details must be populated.

  • Element ID: Provide a unique ID
  • Parent ID: Enter the ID of its parent element (i.e. the parent of a barrier will be either a threat or a consequence)
  • Title: The text that will appear on the bowtie diagram element
  • Order: The order in which the element will be displayed on the bowtie diagram
  • Type: The element type for example Threat, Top Event, Barrier, Consequence etc
  • Metadata: Additional details related to the barrier (Barrier Owner, Barrier Type etc)
  • Metadata Options: If the selected metadata has multiple options, they can be included here for example Barrier Type could have the following options: Active Hardware, Passive Hardware, Active Hardware + Human. 

The figure below provides an example of completed rows in the Diagram Elements tab.

Once the Diagram Elements tab is completed save the workbook. It is now ready to be imported into Bowtie Master. Prior to saving the work book ensure that all the worksheet names are the same as the original workbook downloaded from the application.

Step 4: To import the Excel workbook head to the Project Menu. If importing the bowtie into an existing project, click into the project. Then click IMPORT.

Step 5: Enter the name of the new bowtie diagram and select the excel workbook in the upload diagram field and then click IMPORT.

Step 6: Head to the Project Menu, the new bowtie diagram will now be visible in the project diagrams.

Export bowtie diagram data

To export details from a bowtie diagram that has been created in Bowtie Master click on the EXPORT button found in the toolbar of the Diagram Editor. The bowtie diagram elements, terminology and metadata will download as an Excel spreadsheet file.